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Thermophysical bench equipped with a unique infra-red camera and a laser sensor to study different liquid jet parameters on cooling intensity of a heated surface.

Test investigations are conducted to determine a cooling capacity of atomized water gas-droplet jets generated by different firefighting systems under interaction with hot surfaces simulating an item of fire. During the tests temperature field variation, high-velocity gas-droplet jet heat flux parameters (nozzle recoil, droplet velocity, droplet size distribution) are measured, jet structure and its interaction area with a hot surface visualized.
The heat flux temperature and density on a heat emitting calorimeter surface are defined from an incorrect inverse heat conductivity problem, a software complex applied to solve an inverse heat conductivity problem and thermocouple measurement results.

Gas-droplet flows are tested at droplet velocity of 5 through 150 m/s and diameters of more than 5 mcm under surface temperatures of up to 12500C and heat flux densities of up to 20 MW/m2.

Photo of liquid atomization by means of pneumatic nozzle ( exposure = 5 ns)

Droplet velocities are determined by means of a special laser correlation velocity sensor (LKDC-1) within the range of 0.5 to 200 m/c.

In addition to temperature measurements by means of thermocouples the heat emitting surface temperature is remotely measured by FLIR System Thermocam S60 IR Camera.

To visualize a gas-droplet flow structure a SOLO IV impulse laser with an impulse duration of 5ns CANON EOS 300D Camera are used. The results of flow photographing to measure droplet sizes are processed by a special software complex. To measure droplet sizes in the range of up to 1000 mcm the MALVERN laser-optical instrument is also used.

A computerized test system on the basis of VME and 2 PCs provides physical parameter measurement and the test bench operation control.

General view of a test rig for laser correlation velocity sensor calibration

Results of in-jet droplet flow velocity measurement by means of laser correlation velocity sensor:

Test bench for cooling ability investigation of fire fighting systems

Test portion area at the moment of gas-droplet jet injection::

Test sample temperature measurement results by IR camera during fire suppression

Temperature field measurement results on the test sample surface by IR camera at the gas-and-droplet jet delivery shut-off:

Video view download
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