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ThermaCAMTM S60 infrared camera application a color image of a high resolution (infrared and visual) is displayed on remote control panel LCD or built-in view finder in real time. Documentation of an objective studied is executed on CompactFlash exchangeable disk or in internal flash-memory. High-speed Infrared batch record is possible, FireWire employed.
Infrared camera application in power-engineering:
Connection in substation.

This IR-image shows hot connection (the connection temperature measured with a telescopic lens applied is 225) in substation that supplies power to a hospital and a nearby building. By means of an IR-camera a defect was detected immediately. An electric connection was damaged during a thunder-storm, as a result of which the contact became welded anew to a support insulator bracket.
IR-camera in industry:
Liquid storage tank. Liquid level determination.
Pulley system. Belt transmission overheat.
IR-camera in civil engineering
Office building windows. Bedroom ceiling leakage.
Bedroom ceiling leakage


Heat exchange during fire fighting view download
(16,3 Mb)
IR view of extinguisher functioning at -30C view download
(4,75 Mb)
IR view of jet and hot plate interraction view download
(3,6 Mb)
Sale of Technologies:
Assignment of patents valid in the territory of the country, design documentation and processing equipment transfer
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Conclusion of license agreements for a certain time period, design documentation transfer
Joint Ventures:
Establishment of joint ventures holding the right to advanced technologies
Sale of Products:
Sale of products via a dealer's network

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