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Atomizer and nozzle spray intensity determination
A bench (wet room) to have sprinkler and deluge fire protection system tests conducted, equipped with up-to-date instrumentation and a system of automatic fire detection and fire protection system actuation.
Atomizer and nozzle extinguishing capacity determination
Portable and mobile fire fighting systems tests are held at DES (Moscow Region) test ground. Class A and B fires (under ISO norms (international); GOST R 51057-2001 (Russia); EN (European)).Tests on determination of a current break-down through an extinguishing agent (EA) jet under i.9.15 GOST R 51057-2001. EA discharge time determination in the range of –40 …+60°Ñ operating temperatures.
Electric conduction test bench
A test bench to conduct electric safety tests allowing to determine a current break-down value through an extinguishing agent jet at up to 36000V.
Sale of Technologies:
  Assignment of patents valid in the territory of the country, design documentation and processing equipment transfer
Sale of Licenses:
  Conclusion of license agreements for a certain time period, design documentation transfer
Joint Ventures:
  Establishment of joint ventures holding the right to advanced technologies
Sale of Products:
  Sale of products via a dealer's network

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