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Atomized water application may be various. For example, ~ 0,02 mm diameter droplet extremely well precipitate combustion products. Nozzles for diesel generator and ship engine filter systems have been designed and they are in mass production now. The nozzles developed allowed to achieve optimum mixing of solution and exhaust gases and, hence, effective precipitation of impurities in filtration systems.
Gas Purification
Two-phase ejection nozzle
1. Air pressure 4 bar

2. Liquid pressure

0 bar
3. Liquid flow rate 1 g/sec
Droplet concentration in channel.

Sale of Technologies:
Assignment of patents valid in the territory of the country, design documentation and processing equipment transfer
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Conclusion of license agreements for a certain time period, design documentation transfer
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Establishment of joint ventures holding the right to advanced technologies
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Sale of products via a dealer's network

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