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Hydraulic jet performance test bench.

Determination of atomized water droplet (solid particle) size in the range of 51000 mcm: DV(10); DV(50); DV(90); D32; D43 of integral and differential size distribution (Malvern/INSITEC Concentration and Ensemble Particle Size (EPCS) Instrumentation Systems).
Gas Dynamics
Atomizer performance data:
Working fluid flow rate, dm3/s 0,4 - 2,5
Working pressure, MPa up to 2
Working fluid kind Water, water with foam and chemical combinations

Nozzle performance data
Working fluid flow rate, dm3/s 0,4 - 10
Working pressure, MPa up to 1,2
Working fluid kind Water, water with foam and chemical combinations

Atomizer and nozzle jet range determination:
A jet range is determined by the last droplet fallout spot or the greatest spray intensity of working fluid plume at horizon inclination angle of 0...45.

Performance data
1. Working fluid flow rate, dm3/s 0,4 - 10 (by order up to 40)
2. Delivery pressure, MPa up to 2
3. Working fluid kind Water, aqueous solutions of chemical combinations, SAS, and foam agents (at flow rates exceeding 10 dm3/s)
4. Jet range, up to 100

6 L (water) fire extinguisher
In-flat fire extinguisher

New System - Spraytec

Rapid measurements

A 10kHz data acquisition rate yields size distributions with 100 microsecond time resolution, enabling accurate analysis of the dynamics of spray atomization and dispersion. The rapid changes in particle size observed during pulsed spray events can also be followed, in contrast with slower systems.
Wide size range

The Spraytec system covers a size range from 0.1 - 2000 microns using only two lens systems. Broad size distributions can therefore be characterized routinely, with a dynamic range of greater than 1000:1 being covered by each lens.

High concentration analysis

A patented multiple scattering analysis ensures accurate measurements that can be made at high spray concentrations. This allows the Spraytec to continue to operate where traditional laser diffraction systems would fail. The Spraytec s optical design enables measurements to be made over large working ranges. This, coupled with an efficient optics air purge and the ability to use a range of optical bench sizes, ensures continuous operation even when measuring dense, widely distributed sprays.
Sale of Technologies:
Assignment of patents valid in the territory of the country, design documentation and processing equipment transfer
Sale of Licenses:
Conclusion of license agreements for a certain time period, design documentation transfer
Joint Ventures:
Establishment of joint ventures holding the right to advanced technologies
Sale of Products:
Sale of products via a dealer's network

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