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About Us
Our company has been involved in research and development work on designing advanced atomized water fire fighting equipment over the past ten years.

Our company has highly qualified specialists experienced in high-tech fields, space technology, hydrodynamics, and heat exchange.There are five Doctors of Science and twelve Doctors of Philosophy, specialists in the field of design and development of complex engineering systems and their post-test adjustment.We have a number of test facilities equipped with advanced instrumentation enabling us to perform investigations required on choice and optimization of product parameters designed.
On the basis of generalization and analysis of the results obtained in the field of aerospace technology our specialists have carried out a wide scope of design and experimental research that allowed us to create a model range of advanced atomized water fire fighting equipment dramatically enhancing any kind of fire extinguishing efficiency.

It is the atomized water fire fighting technology that, in most specialists' opinion, is the most promising, first of all, for fire protection increase of complex and unique infrastructure items, high-rise buildings and constructions, underground installations, large transport centers. Apart from already existing ones they allow to effectively extinct every class of fire with minimum consumption of extinguishing liquid (10-20-fold less), exclude collateral damage from flood, provide maximum safety of operators and people in the fire area, and extinguish live equipment.

Our company also makes research on atomized liquid jet technology application for gas purification as far as power stations are concerned, car exhaust gas cleaning, water curtain generation for smoke entrapment during a fire, as well as for water purification and water treatment systems.

All our research is performed by highly qualified specialists with up-to-date equipment applied, their
creative work has been closely connected with aerospace technology for many years. The designs are based on the latest achievements of Russian and foreign science and engineering. Many results of research and investigations were reported at the International Scientific Conferences. Our systems have been exhibited at the most of Russian and foreign special exhibitions and awarded numerous prizes and medals.
The novelty of our designs was confirmed by more than 150 patents in different countries. Thanks to our partners various samples of our equipment are in service in more than 60 countries of the world and they are highly evaluated by fire fighting technology specialists.
The main partner of our company on scientific-and-research work is Fire Fighting Engineering Institute LLC.
Our History
1991 Establishment of the Company; up-to-date development introduction into advanced technology and production
1996 Up-to-date gas dynamic technology integration into firefighting equipment
1997 Atomized water technology development for fire extinction and other fields of application
1998 Advent of the first firefighting Backpack unit
1999 Backpack Firefighting System was awarded Gold medal at the 48th World Brussels-Euriña 99 Exhibition
  Backpack unit mass production
2000 Helicopter Firefightihg System was awarded Gold medal at the 48th
World Brussels-Eurica 99 Exhibition
  Backpack Firefighting System was awarded Gold medal at the 28th
International Exhibition (April 2000, Geneva)
  Backpack Firefighting System was awarded the Prize of Russian
Federation Government in 2000.
2001 Helicopter Firefighting System flight tests
2002 Single-phase water mist nozzle research and development
2003 New –generation extinguisher design based on present state-of-the-art
Extinguishing agent development for application at lower temperatures
of –30°C
2004 6 L extinguisher mass production
2005 Household fire protection system approval
2006 2 L extinguisher mass production
  Backpack system for underground application approval
Sale of Technologies:
  Assignment of patents valid in the territory of the country, design documentation and processing equipment transfer
Sale of Licenses:
  Conclusion of license agreements for a certain time period, design documentation transfer
Joint Ventures:
  Establishment of joint ventures holding the right to advanced technologies
Sale of Products:
  Sale of products via a dealer's network

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